How To Recover A Lost Hotmail Password?

If by mistake you have forgotten your Hotmail account password, you need to worry because Hotmail Password Recovery process can help you to get out of this kind of hassle for sure by contacting the Hotmail Support number.

Why am I unable to login or get my account back? This problem could be because of one of the following reasons:

  • A third person may have entered into your Hotmail account and altered the password.
  • It is likely that you may have shared your password with someone who has changed your identification for your account.
  • Unknowingly, you may have your identification and you have forgotten it. Alas, you also cannot gain access to the alternate email address which has been provided to you while registering.

For further assistance, you can the Hotmail customer support phone number.

What Should I do for resetting my Hotmail password and creating a new one?

All passwords are case-sensitive. This is why it becomes necessary for to ensure that the caps lock is turned on before changing or resetting your identification. If this method doesn't work, you will first of all have to go to the Hotmail identification reset page.

There are many options available for you to reset your identification such as SMS, email, trusted PC and customer support and security question.

  • On selecting the email option then you will receive an email at the secondary email id which you had provided with your account. It will be necessary for you to click on the link so that you are able to get inside secondary email for resetting your identification.
  • About the SMS option, you can use your mobile phone for the verification of your account. If you wish to use this option, you should choose SMS and Microsoft will send you a code at your mentioned mobile phone.

Recovering Hotmail Password Faster:

You can recover your lost Hotmail identification by following the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Select the “forgot my password” option on login page and go to the Hotmail identification reset page
  • Hotmail will ask you as to why you want to reset the password. Provide the reason and tap the next button.
  • You will have to provide the same email address at this page, you have provided as alternate email at the time of sign up
  • You will also have to enter the CAPTCHA test by typing the code and click the next button
  • You will be taken to the password reset page where you will have to provide the new password
  • You will also be sent a one-time code on your mobile if you have activated the security feature
  • When you have entered the temporary code received on your mobile, you will get to the password reset page
  • Simply enter the new password that will be activated instantly

Why is it necessary for you to reset the Password?

Many different kinds of situations are there, including the below mentioned, when you must change the password instantly.

  • If you have forgotten your Hotmail password
  • Someone else is using your email account to send emails or spam
  • When you cannot login even after you had provided right password
  • Your account is hacked

If you are still facing difficulty in following these steps simply call the Hotmail Customer Service Australia support number where team of trained and certified experts are waiting to solve your problems.

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